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About Us:
Event Homes is the premier source for renting your home for the next big event. We connect home owners who want to rent their homes with renters who want to attend major events. Our goal is to provide our customers with a safe, convenient way to rent homes nearby major sporting and business happenings around the world.
How It Works:
  1. Property Owners list their homes available to rent during a specific event or timeframe.
  2. Renters search and find homes available to rent.
  3. Renters contact Property Owners for more information and details about renting their homes.
Why List With Us?
  • It's FREE! We do not charge for listing your property with us.
  • When you list with us, you are featured immediately on website.
  • We build relationships with some of the events and contact potential buyers directly.
  • We have 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We make it easy for you to be in control of your listing and view the effectiveness of your ads.
Tips for Renting a home:
  • Review as much as you can about the property you are interested in.
  • We recommend you talk with a real estate agent involved in short term rentals.
  • If possible, we recommend you visit the property before the event.
  • Be as detailed as possible when negotiating with the property owners.
  • We recommend signing a short term contract with home owners.
  • We recommend you require property owners to provide proof of ownership of the home.
  • We recommend you also have a fall-back plan before traveling.
  • Some customers suggest using an third-party escrow service to handle the transaction.
  • We do NOT guarantee anything about the homes listed on our websites. All information is provided by users.
  • Some of our customers suggest obtaining renters insurance.
Tips for Property Owners:
  • We recommend you research your renters prior to renting your homes to them.
  • Some of our customers suggest doing a background and/or credit check.
  • We recommend signing a short term contract with renters.
  • Some of our customers suggest obtaining renters insurance.
  • Remember to be as courteous and hospitable to your renters and potential renters. Be sure to clean your homes thoroughly before your renters visit. Provide clean sheets, dishes etc. A tour of the house is much appreciated by your guests. If you are not available to be on location at the arrival of guests, please make your self available via telephone if the guests have questions for you.
  • We recommend you remove or secure any valuable or family keepsake. Things that are irreplaceable should be locked away or removed from the location. Insurance companies can insure other property such as furniture etc. We do not handle disputes between renters and property owners.
  • Be aware of federal, state and local tax regulations regarding rental income. Some states will allow up to a certain dollar amount of untaxed rental income, other states may allow untaxed rental income based on the amount of days the property is rented. For more information about rental income taxation please contact your tax consultant or local government.
EventHomes.com allows users to advertise homes on the site that are available to rent during major events around the globe. When users list their homes with EventHomes.com for an event, EventHomes.com displays the information exactly as provided by the user. EventHomes.com does not guarantee, endorse or confirm any of the information provided by users or contained on this site. It is your responsibility to conduct research on the accuracy of the information provided. You use this site at your own risk. EventHomes.com does not take part in the rental process or in the communications between user and homeowner in any manner. EventHomes.com is merely a match-making service.

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We are currently accepting resumes from energetic people for the following positions:

* Street Team Leaders
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If you are interested please submit your cover letter / resume via our contact page.
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