About Us

Event Homes allows travelers to easily find the perfect location to rent for their next event or vacation. Our goal is to provide our customers the most convenient way to rent some of the world's most exclusive properties around the world. Learn more about how it works.

Giving back is a big part of our culture.
We donate 15% our income to All Hands Volunteers to help with natural disaster responses around the world. Learn more.

Over 12 Years of Success
Founded in early 2004 during the Ryder Cup event at Oakland Hills in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The idea came from our family members who suggested to us they would rather rent their home and go on a vacation than stick around for the traffic. What a novel idea? After creating a single home website for our relative, many neighbors asked us if they could add their home too.

Venues and Vacations Expansion
In 2016, Event Homes embarked on year round vacation rentals in addition to Venue Rentals due to customer demand. Now Event Homes connects tens of thousands of home owners with renters for hundreds of events and is the premier source dedicated to event related home and venue rentals internationally. If interested in getting in touch with our team please contact us.