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Love is in the air!

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is a very special day for everyone to share. Whether with their significant other, family, close friends, or even some share it with their pets, it is a day to celebrate love. Many people choose to go out for a romantic evening, while others choose to even leave on a vacation for a day or two. Whether it is for Valentine’s Day or for any special occasion, Event Homes is happy to make your housing arrangements a breeze! We have homes available throughout the country. Why stay at an unfamiliar hotels, when you can find a home close to your ideal destination? Not only will it be a beautiful home with all the essentials you need, but also you will have the opportunity to work directly with the property owner, and make this a unique experience every time. Let Event Homes help you plan your next getaway!

2017 Super Bowl Recap

On to Houston! SuperBowl LI will be held this year at NRG Stadium. Home of the Texans, NRG stadium can sit up to 71,795 fans. This means busy, busy, busy! Many businesses in the city are already preparing for the following couple weeks of increased traffic and tourism. Even those who are not able to get a ticket for the big game, can still enjoy themselves in the many different events throughout the city. Starting on January 28th, from free concerts to city tours, fans from all over can enjoy a nice getaway in Houston. . What does this mean for Houston residents? Rent out your home for a few days, and get out of town for a little bit during the busy times. . What does this mean for those looking to visit? Event Homes will help you find your perfect home. No hassle, plenty of options, and no need to stay at unfamiliar hotels. Some of the homes are walking distance to the stadium. Imagine the possibilities! . Event Homes is excited to make this possible for those looking for a rental...

Play It Perfectly

World class golf, lodging, and unparalleled natural beauty at the 2015 US Open. Lewis and Clark were inspired enough to travel over 7,000 miles on foot in 1804 to come to the Pacific Northwest and it has only gotten better since then. In June 2015, University Place, Washington will be offering the same coastal beauty it has for millennia - but will also showcase the very best in professional golf. Ocean in view! Oh the joy! ...we are in view of the ocean, this great Pacific Ocean which we have been so long anxious to see... - Lewis and Clark diary EVENT HOMES The Chamber’s Bay golf course is located in University Place, Washington state. If you visit, you’ll be nearing the northwestern-most corner of the continental United States. It’s about an hour South of the Seattle metropolitan area - home to 3.6 million people. But don’t worry, University Place is quiet community, rich in natural beauty, and provides all the amenities required for a luxury golf-inspired getaway. While t...

2014 Super Bowl Recap

Congratulations to the Seattle fans and hosting suburbs around New Jersey and to everyone who successfully rented their homes using This year listed over 1,800 homes in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for home owners looking to successfully rent their home during the event. The average asking price per home was $7,020 for the event. We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from renters, homeowners and media coverage and thank you to everyone who made this another successful year for - Thank you! Next year homeowners in Arizona are already gearing up and making preparations to rent their home for the big game. We're also adding many more events including additional popular golf and racing events. If we're missing one that'd you like to rent your home for, please let us know!